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Answering Frequently Asked Questions

About Modwest Homes LLC in Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Modular Home Services

A: Every residential building from Modwest Homes LLC is built with 2×6 exterior walls, thermal pane windows, upgrade insulation, and limited 10 year structural warranty.

Remember, there are two costs to every home; the price you pay for it and the cost to live in it. That is why our happy customers send their friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers to our business for modular homes.

A: You will see up to 20 models at each of our convenient locations. Every home affords access for your viewing pleasure, with prices clearly posted. Walk through our models at your own pace and convenience. There is no rush during your tours, and we encourage you to stay as long as you need to. Additionally, we can schedule a custom plant tour of our manufacturing facilities if you want to see that. This allows you to see every phase of the building process.

A: Yes! Modwest Homes LLC works with all the major lenders and offers financing programs including:
  • FHA Financing
  • Home Only Programs
  • Construction Loan
  • Bruised Credit Financing
  • VA No Money Down Program
  • USDA Rural Development
  • And More!

A: Although different, there are many similar features in our modular homes compared to manufactured homes:


Building Indoors: This means weather does not stop or slow the building process. We can work on homes year-round to control costs and unplanned work delays due to weather. Happy employees building in a climate controlled facility give you a better home.


Building Using Consistent Labor: We use employees who work year round, have benefits, and do not contend with weather. Quality control managers supervise every step of the building process to ensure high standards of production and materials. Standardized tools and methods improve efficiency and afford you lower costs.


Building Using Standardized Materials: We store our raw materials inside of our controlled plants. They do not get impacted by weather and remain stable and ready. This reduces costs, redo’s, and mistakes. It provides our customers with overall consistency.


Buying In Bulk: We buy in train loads, not truck loads. Large bulk purchases allow us to pass huge discount savings to our customers.


Modular homes are generally custom built to your specifications. Typically built as ranches, Cape Cods, and two-story models, the building process conforms to rigid standards that exceed nearly all state and local building requirements. Once placed on its permanent foundation, these homes do not move. There is no steel frame and the home arrives on a carrier; placed on its foundation with a crane or roll-on method.


Manufactured Homes, like modular homes, are custom built. Most manufactured homes get built as ranch models, and receive design according to Federal (HUD) code. Unless local codes restrict, you can place them throughout the state. Although moveable, most get placed on permanent foundations (piers, basements, crawl spaces, etc.). It is common for manufactured homes to have custom features like finished drywall, raised roofs, etc. Like modular homes, many of these get placed on the foundation with a crane or roll-on method.

A: Modular homes receive appraisals, appreciate over time, and are built just like any traditional stick built homes. Both meet the same state and local building and code requirements. Due to shipping, modular homes typically have 30 percent more lumber and higher insulation values than stick-built homes. Modular homes appreciate and gain value exactly the same way traditional homes do.

A: Our Construction Division Managers can assist you in every step of the way including with structures like:


  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Utility Connections
  • Septic Systems
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Porches
  • Driveways
  • Decks
  • Water Wells
  • Breezeways
  • Demolition

A: We work closely with you to plan and design your floor plan and blueprints. When all choices come to fruition and you complete the financing process (if applicable), we will both sign off on the plan and put it on the production schedule. During the home construction, all site work (foundation, well, septic, etc.) gets done while your new home is in production. Unfortunately, due to weather, details of customization, manufacturing schedule, and other conditions, the one thing we cannot promise is an actual delivery or occupancy date. We will work with you closely so you stay up to date on all phases of the project.

A: Yes! Virtually every modular home we sell is customizable. We can move walls, change floor plans, or flip them to fit your lot. We configure each home to meet your needs, including colors and custom features. We design everything around your needs. It is rare that modular home buyers do not modify plans to suit their individual needs and tastes.